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How to repair and restore the reducer caused by improper operation
Hits:479         Date:2020-07-25
In recent years, due to the gradual improvement of the reliability of the reducer, the equipment collision caused by the wrong operation has gradually decreased. With the development of the connection device, the equipment damage has been suppressed to a minimum.
In processing equipment centered on small batch production and processing, the main processing is generally various equipment parts. The equipment failure of the machining center mainly considers three aspects: equipment failure, program error, and poor machining accuracy of parts.
Most of the failures of the equipment part are caused by the operator's misoperation and program errors. Equipment failures or even damage caused by operating errors must be prevented as much as possible.
There are many damages caused by the collision of the equipment. These failures are caused during the exchange and installation of the workpiece. Manual operation is also the cause of the failure. With the realization of multi-axis reducer, the complex structure of the equipment body is also the cause of failure. The faults of the spindle box include the automatic tensioning of the tool holder, the automatic speed regulating device, and the accuracy of the rapid movement of the spindle.
   1. When the spindle is moving, an abnormal sound is made. If the sound becomes louder and the reducer stops, it can be judged that the spindle bearing is damaged. Generally speaking, when the reducer is purchased two years later, damage to the spindle bearing will occur. The maintenance measures are to stop the machine, disassemble the spindle box and replace the bearings.
   2. The spindle box cannot be moved.
   Check the coupling on the coordinate axis of the reducer, and tighten the screws on the coupling.
   Remove the pressure plate, observe whether the pressure plate is scratched, adjust the gap between the pressure plate and the guide rail, and ensure that the gap is 0.02mm~0.03mm.
   Check the headstock insert, loosen the insert stop screw, and use the screwdriver to rotate the insert bolt clockwise to make the coordinate axis move flexibly. After the feeler gauge cannot be inserted, lock the stop screw.
   Observe whether the guide rail surface of the spindle box is scratched, and use a fine emery cloth to repair the scars on the guide rail surface.
   3. There is noise during the operation of the spindle box.
  Improve the lubrication conditions and make the amount of lubricating oil sufficient.
   Adjust the bearing back cover so that it is pressed against the end face of the bearing and tighten the lock nut.
   The main shaft and the motor connection belt are too tight. Move the motor seat to make the belt tightness suitable.
   The small pulley and the large pulley are not well balanced. This phenomenon occurs because the balance weight of the pulley falls off or shifts, so the dynamic balance needs to be re-balanced.
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